AIG Review - American General Auto Insurance Company

This company is one of the largest and most reliable Insurance providers that you will come across. They deal with many types of cover from healthcare and life insurance, to automobile insurance. They serve customers whether they are corporate giants or individuals. They have nearly 100,000 dedicated and trained staff to help solve problems and deal with claims from their millions of customers.

This company operates on a global scale in over 130 countries spanning every continent. For being one of the largest providers for one of the largest countries in the world, surprisingly the company was formed in China. It is lucky that the founder took a risk and started to do business in the United States. Before this the main source of profit was from Europe, Asia and Middle Eastern countries.

In relation to the car insurance cover that this company provides, there is a certain amount of information about this product that can be gleaned from their website. This could be improved further but in a general sense, the website is full of useful information about the company and what it does.

On the website the automobile insurance section there is a frequently asked questions sections that is very detailed in the specifics of the vehicle insurance that the company provides. It is also possible to obtain a quote based on which state you live in. There is also a glossary and a very informative guide on automobile insurance, which helps a potential customer to feel a bit more at ease with the products on offer.

The policies on offer are very broad and diverse and are tailored to suit almost everyone's car insurance needs. Some of the policies offer discounts and scenarios such as multiple vehicle policies are catered for. It is worth having a look at what the company has to offer the next time your automobile insurance needs renewed.